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Broadly, Value Collective is a support structure for intrinsically motivated people to develop non-financial economic projects and ideas. Value Collective addresses financialization as a system that inhibits our ability to undertake projects with important social, economic or environmental impacts because financial return is not their primary driver. And, the financialization and commodification of housing specifically is recognized here as one of the central barriers to undertaking value-driven work.

The project will take the form of a living lab with several overlapping components. First, Value Collective will provide rent-free living and workspace for a rotating cohort of self-organized residents whose work is not financially profitable but does generate valuable outcomes. The institution will provide real assets rather than financial compensation to meet needs such as space, food, tools, resources and networks. While directly supporting residents, Value Collective will also record, prototype, and research outcomes of its alter-economic model. This structure will function like an incubator, only rather than incubating businesses, Value Collective will incubate relationships, motivations, knowledge, new systems of coordination and imaginative possibilities. Longer-term outcomes will hopefully include increasing collective engagement with alternatives to profit-driven and market-centered systems, in culture and in politics.

See website here.

So far events have included:

1 Week Co-Design Sprint : From Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 3, 2021, Value Collective hosted a 5-day event series at la Cité-des-Hospitalières, the former convent located at the foot of Mount Royal. The intention was to test the concept, invite a wider audience into the process, and kick off a new phase of iterative and collaborative devel- opment with friends and interested community members from around the city.

CMHC Housing Supply Challenge : In November 2021, Value Collective received 75k in incubation funding from the CMHC for its response to housing supply and affordability barriers. Until June 2022, Value Collective will be prototyping, researching, consulting, and creating an implementation plan for the continuation of the institution. Partnerships include the Next-Generation Cities Institute and La Cité des Hospitalières.