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Spring 2019.
Up-cycled clothing, Printed Editorial, Hanging installation and pedestal.

Let me hold on to you is the result of a 3 month artist residency with the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse. The final result is a series of garments and a printed editorial displaying the styled clothing.

Through the process of collage and unexpected repurposing, I stitched together unwanted clothing sourced from my personal friends, lovers, family and, created unexpected hybrid pieces that bare new significance. In particular, I was interested in warping our understanding of commodities, our bodies and the significance of materiality by utilizing a medium that plays such a large and simultaneous role in globalized, industrial mass production as well as, the intimacy of daily lives.

What stemmed from a personal practice of customization of clothing and reuse, revealed several potentials: connecting people through memory and materiality, disrupting accelerated and excessive waste trajectories and, practicing sustainability beyond environmentalism. Not only do these garments postpone disposal, but they prolong and rework a relationship to emotionally significant belongings. And, by suggesting an undoing of the binary between physical and psychic, these clothes bare the fluidity and complexity of identity, memories and relations. They are a celebration of material agency and interconnectedness.