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Winter 2021.

Visual Design
Strategic Design

The following document was submitted to the 2021 C40 Students Reinventing Cities competition concerning the Faubourgs district in Montreal, Canada. The competition called for innovative design approaches for fostering the ecological transition of a post-industrial neighbourhood.

The Futurs Possibles proposal is intentionally provocative. Going beyond the scope of the competition, it is experimental both in form and in content as it advocates for a radical shift.

We advocate that systems thinking is essential for any meaningful attempt at sustainability. In recognizing our cities and broader environment as complex systems, we are confronted not only with a drastic reconfiguration of ambitions but also a pressing need to develop new organizational models that can turn systems thinking into systems doing. Such a shift asks that we not design solutions directly, but rather design conditions that enable the people embedded in the issues to enact their own solutions.

Design of the document makes use of a color-coded legend of 'principles' demonstrated throughout storytelling, as well as collage and allusions to scaffolding as reference to support structures for accessibilizing urban-planning.